Monday, October 12, 2009

references: iñigo on remedial law (transliterated)



iñigo on remedial law
table of contents
civil procedure


raj said...

hints and tips on handling PDF files:

1. PDF files are proly the most convenient format in the internet. these files were originally of MS Office dot DOC format. thru OpenOffice (sun microsystems freeware) i has able to convert them to PDF files.

2. aside from easier download/uploads PDF files have NARRATOR support...this enables AUDIO study as an alternative to simply VISUAL...but really, it's much better reading and listening to the material.

3. some students of law have live recordings of class lectures and have them transliterated to text form by court stenographers. i am also aware of an NGO in Davao City offering these services.this is reverse encoding from mp3 to dotDOC.

4. as to NARRATOR support..experience tells me that Adobe Reader 7.0.0 provides the try not to upgrade to later version as it tends to disable the function.

pretty soon i will be uploading AR 7.o on a server..most proly on 4SHArED within this post.

raj said...

DWNLOAD Adobe Acrobat Reader ver. 7.0.0 HERE:

raj said...

copy/paste URL to your browser only works in fireFX...

raj said...

here's a better link: